gobe nermal - A Square Mind in a Round World
Suspenseful, Heart-Warming, Spiritual, Family Thriller

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This page will be used for ongoing news and behind -the-scenes information about gobe nermal. Keep coming back for updates on the progress of our Suspenseful, Heart-Warming, Spiritual, Family Thriller film.

Do you want in on the ground-floor, front-line, and behind the curtain? You can get more involved in the production of gobe nermal by sponsoring, supporting, and financing a portion, or all, of the financing.

Become a real producer of a movie and enjoy the benefits of joining us on the journey, plus making money at the box office.

Support Our Efforts

$4,000 USD

of $500,000

5 contributors

0.8% funded
many days left

Support Our Efforts

We feel we can make this exciting film with $500,000, but would love to have more to secure some known talent. We have no estimated ending date as of .

Use Of Proceeds

Pay and feed our Actors & Crew since they do most of the work and give of their time and talent.

Support the locations for their assistance and sacrifice.

Post-Production and Distribution purposes to get it to the audience.

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