gobe nermal - A Square Mind in a Round World
Join us on this Suspenseful and Heart-Warming journey

gobe nermal's story encompesses Thrills, Chills, Hope, and Love.


A Suspenseful, Heart-Warming, Spiritual, Family Thriller

Dichotomy of mass proportion

gobe nermal is a about an eleven year-old boy named Kenny who is unable to speak or interact with people like everyone else does. Working from home, Kenny's mother tries her best to raise him and keep him safe while dealing with her own troubles. Her husband, Kenney's father, left after Kenny was born with his affliction blaming himself and not able to cope with it. Kenny and his mom do not get out much other than shopping for food and clothing.

A mysterious man, who has befriended Kenny, comes around now and then to check up on him unbeknownst to Kenny's mother. Kenney can speak, act, and think like a normal boy when the man is around. The two of them play catch, ride bikes, walk the park, and discuss many thing philosophical, but mostly how Kenny can be normal if he goes with the man and leaves his mother behind.

Strange things happen when the man is around visiting Kenny. Kenny's mother thinks she is losing her sanity during those moments knowing nothing like that, short of a sign from the divinity, but she lost her faith years ago the day Kenny was born.

The Suspenseful, Heart-Warming, Spiritual, Family Thriller will inspire all who feel that they are different, out of place, or A Square Mind in a Round World to know someone does loves you, and not for reason's you think.

The story is filled with moments of joy, laughter, and hope along with loss, fear, and gloom. You will be holding a loved one close while looking over your shoulder hoping your fears are only in your mind. It is the perfect story for the whole family.

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