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Hopefully you have read about the Storyline, Characters, Filmmakers, and Extras for gobe nermal so this page will make sense when we mention Why Support Us, Where The Money Goes, the Levels & Perks, and What We Will Do With The Finished Product.

Yes, the bottom-line, it is a product. As much as we feel like it is a playground for the actors and filmmakers to take a story on paper and bring it to life that people can follow, enjoy, and talk about, it is, in the end, a product that costs money and should earn money for those who have invested their time and money into it.

Playground for Actors and Filmmakers?

Pretty much, yes it is. As much as we should keep that from producers, financiers, and investors, actors and filmmakers are pretty much having a creative party with their other people's money. As a producer myself, I know what it is like spending money on a film.

I also know what it is like not having a budget and still having a party making many quality films with people who are passionate about making the best story/product possible. It is their performance and name on the screen that people will see and for some, they want to make the best impression to be able to do it for a living both in front and behind the camera.

When you get people that perform at the highest without getting paid, I want to work with them and see what they can do getting paid. It will be like the grand finale of a fireworks show that never ends. When an independant film makes you laugh, cry, and clench your fists that has little to no budget, those are the people I want to be with and make movies. It is the Journey with family of like minded people that motivate you to be your best.

Why Support Us? Why Fund This Project?

We love making movies and often do not care if we have a budget, but it is time to pay the cast and crew what they are worth — for their performance and time.

Making a movie is not only fun, but it is hard work with long grueling hours, little sleep, and stress to get what you need before your time at a location or time with an actor is done. Most often we are playing the weekend warrior game. Record Friday night through Sunday night and then waiting till next Friday through Sunday, and waiting a week or two before doing it again.

Getting consistency and a momentum is difficult to do and often affects the finished product. With a budget, we can pay the cast and crew to take two weeks or more from their day job to film.

Where The Money Goes

The preliminary breakdown from version 36 of the screenplay.

  • Production insurance
  • 18 days of principal photography
  • 8 lead actors — hoping one or two will be semi-known upcoming actors
  • 12 supporting roles — not counting background or extras
  • 19 locations which could be down to 12 if a house fits perfect for each room of a scene
  • Depending on time of photography, will need a snow scene for a car crash — movie lingo we can take a private road filled with snow and make it look like a freeway
  • Equipment rental for a two camera production — not needing to use the red or anything higher than 4K
  • minimum of two mics, best if three — you can fix poor video, but you cannot fix poor audio, unless you re-record it as ADR.
  • Food and possible lodging for out of town actors and crew
  • Post Production will be 6 to 10 weeks
  • Music composer and possible actual orchestra musicians
  • I, Gerald Martin Davenport the Writer, Producer, Director, and Editor will take a small fee for all positions with full payment on distribution and sale of product — I do not get full payment until it is finished and distributed

Specific numbers for each category are given to serious interested investors with our budget breakdown.

What We Will Do With The Finished Product?

Well we are hoping to sale it and get distribution at theaters across the world. We would settle for domestic distribution in all 50 states. We are not going to settle for streaming services or DVD and or Blu Ray sales.

Every filmmaker I know, talks about film-festivals. But the reality of that is, only 5% of all films made in a year get accepted to a film festival. You pay $70 for early-bird submission — $115 after that — to a well-known, NOT independant film festival even though they claim to be. They get over 6,000 submissions outside of their own 200 that they request to review to only accept 120 with a mix of short and full-length films for the year. 6000 x 70 brings them $420,000 and more.

We will not be using any of the monies to submit to film-festivals. I am not an idiot thinking my film will get into a film-festival they are biased, and even if it did get into one, the festival is usually one that gets only 60 people go to, and no awards, accolades, marketing. There are truly only 12 out of the massive thousands of film festivals that are worth going to, and unless we get Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to be in the film, it is not going to a film festival.

Levels & Perks

This being a form of crowdfunding, with a more personal touch. There is no form to fill to send money by credit card, paypal, or what ever to a holding tank that may get returned if we do not meet our goal. This is a one-on-one, personal investment opportunity that the agreement is between you and Aria Pictures/Gerald Martin Davenport.

Most crowdfunding film financing pages give you a shout-out for X amount and a signed copy of the poster for another amount up to some giving people a lead speaking role in the film — that is so cool, what idiot is going to pay $100,000 to have a part in a film? Pay to be in a movie, that probably is not any good.

Our film is faith-based with guidance from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Family oriented, positive, up-lifting for the whole family with an emphasis on morality and love without being in your face. the world needs more light to combat the abundance of over-hyped, over-used, rehash of negativity and darkness.

As of now, we have 4 levels with perks, but not the traditional perks you will see on the internet.

  • Level 1: Co-Executive Producer Level 1 - fund 10% of the film (10)
    • The Co-Executive Producer level 1 is producer, yet there are at most 10 of them, or the could be as few as 1. If there is a Co-Executive Producer level 2 or Co-Executive Producer level 3 along with Co-Executive Producer level 1s. the higher the number oversees the lower number. Depending on the talents of each Co-Executive Producer level 1, they will be utilized for different tasks on the film.

      Each Level 1 Co-Executive Producer will have the opportunity to be on set for a week of production plus a week of post-production and input during production about the performance of the actors, dialog, and action. But the final say will be the director. Each Level 1 Co-Executive Producer will also have a 3% interest in the profits.
  • Level 2: Co-Executive Producer Level 2 - fund 25% of the film (4)
    • The Co-Executive Producer means there is more than one Executive Producer and each one has the same benefits as the other. Depending on the talents of each Co-Executive Producer level 2, they may be utilized for different tasks for the film.

      All 4 will be on set for each day of production watching the capture of perfomances, as well as all the other little bits that Level 1 has, plus a 7.5% interest in the profits.
  • Level 3: Co-Executive Producer Level 3 - fund 50% of the film (2)
    • Both will be on set for each day of production watching the capture of perfomances, as well as all the other little bits that Level 1, and 2 have, plus a 15% interest in the profits.
  • Level 4: Executive Producer - fund 100% of the film (1)
    • The Executive Producer is a highest level producer on a film and they are the one that secures the money. Although on most productions they call the shots, or influence major decisions, do not expect to come in and change things on the film — I do not need your money.

      However, that being written, as the Executive Producer, you will be on set for each day of production watching the capture of perfomances, as well as all the other little bits that Level 1, 2, and 3 have, plus the biggest thing is have a negotiable interest in the profits.

The little bits that go only to all Executive Producer levels, above the line crew, and cast.

  • Credit in film - duh
  • name in credits on poster
  • name in credits in teasers
  • copy of the film on digital format and possibly disk
  • invitation to the wrap party and any other celebratory gatherings related to the film
  • invitation to the private premiere and other public events for the film
  • Negotiation invite when discussing terms of sale for distribution — it is your money we need to make back, and we will
  • reviews of editing versions with requests for critique and suggestions
  • attendance at the read-throughs
  • attendance at the rehearsals - Executive Producer level 3 and 4

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We feel we can make this exciting film with $500,000, but would love to have more to secure some known talent. We have no estimated ending date as of .

Use Of Proceeds

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Support the locations for their assistance and sacrifice.

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