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I, Gerald Martin Davenport the writer, am hoping gobe nermal will be produced in Northern California, in and around Nevada City, Auburn, and Sacramento, using up-and-coming talent, as well as, established actors & crew from the area to bring this story to life.

Aria Pictures, an independent film production company, has shown it can take a project from inception to delivery by bringing life to Detective A (2009), THE GOLdEN TREE (2010), the WATERING hole (2011), BUDDIES (2011), The Producer (2012), The Choice (2012), Oberon's Gold (2014), The National Exchange (2014), Petite Chardonnay (2013), TODAY (2015), and Little Room for Justice (2021) has shown it can take a project from inception to delivery, and is excited about bringing gobe nermal to the world.

We challenge ourselves to do better, grow, and learn with each film project. Fix things that did not work, learn from our mistakes, concentrate more on what we overlooked, and raise our goals and expectations to be at the top of our level to create films with educational, entertaining, thought-provoking, and emotional stories. Our experience and knowledge will take this film, the actors & crew, and ourselves to higher mark of craftsmanship, in hopes to share the talents of our local artists with the world. Please join us in bringing this story to the people.
      - gerald martin davenport

$4,000 USD

of $500,000

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We feel we can make this exciting film with $500,000, but would love to have more to secure some known talent. We have no estimated ending date as of .

Use Of Proceeds

Pay and feed our Actors & Crew since they do most of the work and give of their time and talent.

Support the locations for their assistance and sacrifice.

Post-Production and Distribution purposes to get it to the audience.

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